Choosing the Right Bed Frame: Style & Support Combined

September 18 2023 – Hasan Ul-haq

Choosing the Right Bed Frame: Style & Support Combined
Choosing the Right Bed Frame: Style & Support Combined

Selecting your next bed frame is a big deal, given it’s where we spend a third of each day sleeping and relaxing. With this in mind, your bed frame needs to be a robust, supportive, and cosy model that leaves us feeling vitalised each morning.

So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your existing bed frame, and how do you know which base you should opt for next?

Our bed boffins at Comfybedss have produced a useful guide on how to choose the right bed frame for you!

Signs it’s time to switch out your current bed frame

Due to general wear, age and product quality, your bed frame may be on its last legs and be in dire need of replacement. But how do you know if it’s time to invest in a new model?

Here are some telltale signs an upgrade is needed:

  • You wake feeling achy and inadequately refreshed
  • Your mattress is starting to sink due to an uneven base
  • The slats beneath your mattress are broken
  • Your bed looks worn or dated
  • The fixings that keep your frame together are loose or bent
  • It creaks when you climb onto your mattress and throughout the night as you toss and turn
  • You still feel unsupported, even if you’ve recently gotten a new mattress
  • Your new mattress won’t fit your current bedframe
  • You experience comfier and more restful sleep on guest or hotel beds
  • The bedframe is damaged and is edging closer towards collapse

How to choose the best bed frame for you

If you’re unsure of what bed frame to select, we’ve produced a simple guide on how to pick the ideal style for you:

1. Select your bed frame type

There’s so much choice when it comes to bed frame types, with each offering different looks and storage options. 


The most traditional style available, bedsteads consist of a four-legged frame that supports your mattress and bedding - wooden slats or metal bars usually run across the frame’s centre between the edges and beneath the mattress.

There are various designs available in contemporary or classic styles depending on your preference.

Divan beds

A highly popular and practical design is the divan bed thanks to its hollow bed base with built-in drawers.  


Divan beds enable you to make the most of your space by enabling discrete under-mattress storage, making them perfect for minimalist aesthetics, smaller rooms, and shopaholics.


Similar to divan beds, ottoman beds offer ample amounts of storage beneath for clean linen and clothes.

However, rather than drawers, ottomans feature a large storage compartment within the hollow bed base - simply raise the mattress platform to store whatever you need to hide away.

Plus, thanks to gas lift pistons, lifting and storing is easy as the top platform remains securely in place when extended, stopping accidents and straining.

2. Consider materials and colour schemes

Modern bed frames come in a range of materials and shades to please all, depending on the bed type. Bedsteads are often available in a selection of wood or metal materials, from stunning oak to sleek brass.

Some models also encompass fabric upholstering around the outer face of the frame to add flare to your space - opt for a soft duck egg blue to make your sleep space feel calm or go for a bold red for dramatic effect.

With ottoman and divan beds, there’s an exceptional range of materials to choose from. Select between modern faux leathers, vibrant velvet finishes, wool-effect fabrics, hand-crafted oak, or metal.

Simply pick the finish that suits your aesthetic and décor best.

3. Support

Be sure to buy from a supplier with experience in manufacturing robust bedframes that will support your mattress in maintaining its shape.

A well-built bedframe with a durable surface top will prevent all types of mattresses from sagging, which can damage your mattress and cause you to have an uncomfortable sleep.

From pocket-sprung and coils to memory foam, your mattress is sure to last its expected lifespan if partnered with an expertly crafted frame.

4. Price

Like any purchase, consider your budget when purchasing your next bed - beds vary in cost due to factors such as the manufacturer, bed frame type and size.

For example, a king-sized frame will be more expensive than a double from the same range as more material and time went into crafting the larger model.

Additionally, an expensive and high-end retailer is bound to charge significantly more for their products than smaller and more affordable companies. But paying less doesn’t mean compromising on quality – there a plenty of established manufacturers

5. Size

Finally, be sure to pick the best-sized model for your room - otherwise, you’ll need to go through the rigmarole of replacing one that doesn’t quite fit your space.

If your bedroom is very condensed, opt for a single, small double or double, depending on your needs.

However, if you have the space and prefer ample amounts of sleeping room to adjust throughout the night, why not opt for an opulent king-size or luxurious super-king model?

The decision is entirely up to you!

Want to speak to an expert?

If you’d like personalised recommendations on which bed frame is ideally suited to your space, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team at - they’ll be more than happy to assist you.