Ottoman Bed Buying Guide

October 02 2023 – Hasan Ul-haq

Ottoman Bed Buying Guide
Ottoman Bed Buying Guide

Maximize Your Space with an Ottoman Storage Divan Base

In today's fast-paced world, space is a luxury, and optimizing it has become a necessity for many homeowners. One versatile piece of furniture, rising in popularity, is the lift up divan bed, also known as the ottoman storage base. This article delves deep into the world of ottoman beds, particularly the ottoman divan base, to understand its benefits and variations, including the ottoman side lift divan base and ottoman end lift divan base.

Understanding the Ottoman Bed

The word 'ottoman' might conjure images of an ancient empire, but in the furniture world, it represents innovative storage solutions. An ottoman bed, at its core, is a bed with storage built into its base. But unlike traditional drawer storage, ottoman beds have a lift-up mechanism, making them perfect for maximizing space and accessibility.

Ottoman Divan Base: A Blend of Function and Elegance

A unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, the ottoman divan base is often upholstered, making it an elegant addition to any bedroom setting. The divan base conceals a spacious storage area, ideal for stashing away bedding, off-season clothing, or any miscellaneous items you'd like to keep out of sight yet within reach.

The real magic of this design lies in the lifting mechanism. Just a gentle lift, and you have access to the storage underneath, without the hassle of pulling out heavy drawers or bending down.

Side Lift Vs. End Lift: Which One's for You?

There are two primary types of lifting mechanisms in the ottoman divan base world:

Ottoman Side Lift Divan Base: As the name suggests, the side lift mechanism allows the mattress to lift from the side. This design is excellent for rooms where space at the foot of the bed might be limited, like up against a wall or in smaller rooms. The side lift provides easy access to the storage from the bed's side, making it a practical for many homeowners. 
Ottoman End Lift Divan Base: This design allows the bed to lift from the foot end. It’s a common choice and works beautifully in spacious rooms or where there's more foot space. An end lift ottoman base can be especially handy if you want to access the storage while standing at the foot of your bed.

    Why Choose an Ottoman Storage Base?

    • Space Savers: The ottoman divan base is a boon for those who live in apartments or homes with limited storage options.
    • Easier Accessibility: Forget the tug of war with stubborn drawers. The lift-up mechanism makes accessing your stored items a breeze.
    • Stylish and Modern: With various finishes and designs available, the ottoman bed can be a statement piece in your bedroom, blending style with practicality.

    In Conclusion

    Whether it's the elegance of the design, the clever lift-up mechanism, or the generous storage space, the ottoman storage divan base truly brings a lot to the bedroom. Whether you opt for the side lift or the end lift, you're making a smart, stylish choice that marries aesthetics with functionality, ensuring a restful sleep night after night.