The Benefits of Investing in a Divan Bed Set

July 10 2023 – Hasan Ul-haq

The Benefits of Investing in a Divan Bed Set
The Benefits of Investing in a Divan Bed Set

Replacing your old bed is a big decision and leaves you asking: ‘Which bed is best for me?’ One option is a divan bed set which includes everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

Throughout this blog, we’ll explore a range of benefits that make investing in a divan bed set a must.


What’s included in a divan bed set?

Whether you’re buying a double divan set or a single divan set, each contains a bed base, mattress, headboard, and footboard.

The bed base is the unit that supports your mattress and contains the divan storage drawers. This part of the divan bed set is made from high-quality timber and premium upholstery.

Your mattress comes next and depending on your preference, they can feel either soft, firm, or springy. Mattresses help make your sleep more comfortable and even help with back problems.

Unsurprisingly, your head and footboards stand at the top and bottom of your bed base, providing head support whilst sitting and offering a super stylish style statement.


Four benefits of a divan bed set

There are multiple advantages to buying a divan bed set, all the way from style to affordability. So, why could it benefit you to invest in one?


1. An all-in-one solution  

Imagine spending hours online trying to find your dream bed base, and then needing to find a suitable mattress and headboard separately. With a divan bed set, everything you need is available together in one package saving you time and hassle.

As a team of experts have paired the elements together, you can rest easy knowing your double divan set or single divan set includes components that fit together perfectly and will be ultra comfortable.

Plus, there are plenty of mattress types to choose from for your set, such as the 1000-pocket sprung mattress to the super luxurious 5000-pocket sprung model.


2. Divan bed sets utilise space

Divan beds save precious room by allowing you to store items beneath with a range of storage options - hideaway linen, winter jumpers and trinkets in built-in drawers rather than taking up valuable wardrobe or cabinet space.

The handy under-bed compartments also mean you won’t need an extra chest of drawers taking up space in your room.

There are plenty of different drawer orientation options, so they fit every bedroom in the land! From four side drawers to one large end compartment, you’ll find the ideal model for you.


3. Divan bed set designs for all decors

Whether you need a small double divan bed set or a single one, there are plenty of stunning styles and designs to pick from.

Bed bases are available in various materials and colours – a radiant cream velvet makes for an eye-catching choice, especially when paired with a classy, tufted button foot and headboard.

Or for those who desire a more striking centrepiece, glitz silver brings an element of glamour to any space.


 4. Low costs

Divan bed sets are incredibly affordable when compared to wooden and metal frames. You can purchase a double divan bed set for under £400, which is fantastic given the high-quality furniture included.

Also, as divan beds don’t use wooden slats that can shift, causing your mattress to bend, or even snap, it’s likely to last longer, meaning you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.


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