The Best Beds and Mattresses for Hotels and Guest Houses

May 14 2024 – Hasan Ul-haq

The Best Beds and Mattresses for Hotels and Guest Houses
The Best Beds and Mattresses for Hotels and Guest Houses

With so many hotel beds and mattresses on the market, it's understandable if you get overwhelmed scrolling through them all. 

That's why we've compiled a helpful guide on the bed types best suited to guest houses or hotels, and the benefits of kitting your property out with top-grade hotel beds.

Keep reading to find out exactly what our sleep experts have to say!

Benefits of Quality Hotel Beds and Mattresses

Don't underestimate the allure of high-quality hotel beds - investing in cheap and poor-grade beds will come back to bite you in terms of customer satisfaction. A negative online review about hellish hotel beds may have even put you off making a reservation at a particular guest house yourself.

So, what do quality hotel beds and mattresses offer that run-of-the-mill beds don't?

Comfort and Support

Whether you run a hotel in the heart of the city, or a B&B out in the countryside, the best way to ensure your guests enjoy their stay and rate their time spent positively is by providing comfortable and supportive beds and mattresses.

A solid hotel bed with a sturdy mattress platform will keep the spine perfectly aligned, and contribute to a supported sleep. This differs greatly from an uneven bed base that creaks or dips, which will likely keep guests awake at night, and even lead to back pain and soreness the next morning!

Whilst a solid bed frame is essential in offering exceptional support, a well-built mattress makes or breaks how cosy and comfortable your residents feel whilst relaxing and snoozing. We'll explore the ideal mattresses for your hotel later on!

Durability and Longevity

Well-built beds and mattresses are beneficial for your pocket, too! By investing in premium beds and mattresses that are more resilient to heavy weights, impacts, and scuffs, you won't need to replace them frequently. 

Not only does this save money in terms of replacement costs, but it also means you won't have to reduce bookings whilst waiting for new furniture to arrive, ensuring your profits are maintained.

Choosing the Perfect Hotel Beds

Now that we've explained the importance of superior calibre guest room bed bases and mattresses, it's time to explore the most ideal bed types for hotels and B&Bs.

Zip and Link Hotel Beds

Hotel owners across the world tend to opt for zip and link beds, and for good reasons!

A zip and link bed is made up of separate twin beds that ‘link’ to form a larger bed, usually a king or super king size base.

But how do link beds work?

As their name suggests, these beds join together using easy-to-assemble linking bars built into their frames. After all, any two beds can be pushed together to form a bigger base. However, only link beds feature sturdy fixtures that keep the bed bases in place.

So, why are zip and link beds a popular option in the world of hospitality?

They provide a flexible sleeping solution

Firstly, most hotels utilise zip and link beds due to their adaptability, and the various sleeping arrangements they can provide.

Depending on the needs of each reservation, these unique frames can be adjusted accordingly.

For twin room bookings, the two separate twin beds are kept separate.

Or, the two single beds can be effortlessly pushed together and securely fastened into place using the linking bars to make a double room.

This is fantastic for hotels as each guest room is completely flexible, meaning if there's an influx of twin bookings, you can accommodate them all, and vice versa.

Couples can enjoy a restful and undisturbed sleep

Link beds provide a better night's sleep for couples, as even though they're technically sleeping next to each other, they're actually lying on separate mattresses.

Each mattress holds the body weight of one individual, which differs from standard mattresses that hold both weights. This prevents 'roll-together', an issue that occurs on shared mattresses, where one individual adjusts in their sleep, causing the other to 'roll' into the middle of the bed.

In simple terms, sleepers can move freely throughout the night without disturbing each other.

Easy handling

As we've already discussed, zip and link beds consist of two smaller beds. This makes lifting each one and moving them between rooms much more efficient, rather than trying to manoeuvre a larger bed frame. 

Older B&Bs or guest houses with much smaller corridors and door frames benefit greatly, as the chances of scratching or scuffing walls whilst moving beds are reduced.

A range of styles and upholstery options

Every hotel has a unique decor and colour scheme, whether it be modern and contemporary, traditional, or quirky and bohemian. Thankfully, zip and link beds come in a range of styles and colour fabric options, so you won't be short of choice!

Just a few of the fabrics we stock include neutral oatmeal chenille and black Naples, plus more unique looks, such as turquoise velvet and glitz silver.

Standard-Size Divan Beds

Whilst zip and link beds and mattresses are the most favoured option due to their versatility, standard bed bases are also fairly common in hospitality establishments.

From single beds for twin rooms to larger double beds for double bookings, there's a selection of sizes to choose from! Or, depending on room dimensions, you could even treat your guests to a spacious super king-sized bed for the ultimate sleep experience. 

But what other advantages come with divan beds?

Drawer storage options

Divan bed bases are highly useful, as they provide bundles of underbed storage thanks to handy built-in storage drawers. 

These compartments are excellent for storing spare necessities that guests may need outside of room service hours. Such essentials may include towels and spare pillows.

Our zip and link beds also feature similar storage options, so you get the best of both worlds!

Don't Forget to Add Luxury Mattresses and Headboards

As explained earlier, a comfortable mattress is vital in providing guests with an unforgettable sleep at your establishment.

But with multiple types of mattresses available, which is most suitable for your guest house or hotel?

Zip and Link Mattresses

If you decide to invest in zip and link beds for your hotel, you'll require zip and link mattresses for each.

A zip and link mattress consists of two separate mattresses, joined using a linking zip between each. The joint is barely noticeable, and residents staying with you won't feel the central zip as they relax.

Just like a regular mattress, these variants are available in a selection of mattress firmness ratings and types, which often include:

  • Pocket sprung - made up of thousands of individually wrapped springs that adjust to the shape of each sleeper and distribute weight for exquisite support and comfort. These mattresses may feature 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 or 5000 springs - the more springs, the more comfort and support it offers.
  • Pocket sprung combination - some hotel mattresses combine the weight-dispersing properties of pocket springs with layers of intelligent fibre, intelligent memory or intelligent wool.
    • Intelligent fibre provides effective pressure relief
    • Intelligent memory adds more orthopaedic support
    • Intelligent wool permits more airflow through the mattress for superior temperature regulation at night

Our zip and link mattresses are crafted from high-quality materials, so you can be sure whichever you choose, those staying in your hotel will be more than satisfied, and you'll gain well-built mattresses that last!

Standard Divan Mattresses

Mattresses for divan beds come in a range of sizes and comfort ratings, from single mattresses up to super king. Choose between:

  • Open coil - the most affordable models
  • Pocket sprung - for extra comfort
  • Orthopaedic - to provide guests with plenty of spinal support
  • Combination - a mix of beneficial materials that each bring their own advantages


Luxurious headboards will add a final touch of sophistication and class to your rooms, and also provide comfortable back support for guests whilst reading or watching their favourite shows.

Zip and link beds require two separate headboards for when they need to be separated.

Whereas standard divan bed bases only need a one-piece headboard.

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