A simple guide to divan bases

January 19 2024 – Hasan Ul-haq

Divan Bases
Divan Bases

If you're looking for a new bed and could benefit from extra storage, a divan bed could be the ideal style for you.

But, as they're available in different sizes and fabrics with a range of storage options to choose from, it can be tricky working out which divan bed is right for you.

That's why our team have produced an easy guide to divan bases - throughout this blog, we'll explore the key factors you need to consider when purchasing your next divan bed.

What is a divan bed?

A divan bed base is a bed frame with built-in storage drawers beneath the mattress platform, perfect for bedrooms of all sizes. They're typically constructed from high-quality timber, and upholstered in various fabrics depending on your preferences and tastes.

Divan beds are a popular choice due to their compact base, which is capable of holding trinkets, spare bedding and clothes, ensuring more floor space within bedrooms - these bed bases can often eliminate the need for additional floor-standing storage units, such as chests of drawers.

Are there many upholstery fabrics to select from?

You'll be thrilled to know that when it comes to selecting a divan base, there's ample choice of upholstery fabrics you can choose from - allowing you to create a bed that matches your personal style.

For example, there are neutral yet elegant materials that will continue to look the part even if you switch up your decor, such as stunning seal Naples or sophisticated oatmeal chenille.

However, if you're looking for an ultra-modern and glamorous frame, there are plenty of glitz fabrics in various daring colours, such as glitz red or ice white that offer a gleaming velvet finish.

What size divan base is right for me?

Although many desire a huge super king divan base to sprawl across, it isn't always practical - to help you determine which size divan you should opt for, we've outlined the ideal users for each size below.

Older children - small single divan bases

A small single divan base is the best size for children old enough to climb in and out of bed - these bed frames measure 2ft 6in and are a great choice for older children and teenagers alike.

Thanks to two handy under-bed storage compartments, there's ample storage space for storing away toys, books, and computer game cases, helping to keep their floorspace free from clutter.

Adult solo sleepers - single or small double divan bases

Ideal for small bedrooms and guestrooms, single divan bed bases are an excellent choice for individual sleepers.

Slotting seamlessly into smaller rooms, these divan bases measure 3'0", and offer plenty of wriggle room for a comfortable night's slumber. What's more, they offer two spacious storage drawers, great for hiding away spare linen and seasonal clothes.

Or, if you'd prefer something compact enough for a small room with an added foot of sprawl space, then a small double divan base is a no-brainer, measuring 4'0.

Small double divan beds offer more flexibility than single beds in terms of storage - you can choose between two drawers, four drawers or even a large end compartment if that would suit you best.

Couples with standard-sized bedrooms - double divan beds

Ensure you and your partner gain a refreshing and supported sleep with a double divan base, which measure 4'6 - a popular size that also leads many solo sleepers to opt for their spacious size as well.

This size is greatly suited to medium-scale bedrooms and would likely be too big for a small room, leaving limited space on either side of the bed.

As you'd expect, a double divan base offers more hidden storage space than smaller models, allowing you to store your clothes, fresh bedding, and keepsakes - helping to keep your bedroom looking spacious and calm.

Spacious rooms - king size and super king divan bases

A luxurious choice for the largest bedrooms, a king size divan bed base is an exceptional sleeping solution for those who want to relax with more than enough space. Each king size 5'0 bed frame offers increased storage potential with a roomy diameter beneath your mattress.

Or, if you really want to push the boat out and sleep like a king, you could even go for a super king divan base, measuring a fantastic 6'0 in size.

Given the options available, finding a new divan base for your needs should be easy, as there's a style and size for everyone.

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