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Supreme Guest Hotel Zip and Link 2000 Pocket Sprung Divan Bed Set

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Essential Guest Hotel Zip and Link 2000 Pocket Sprung Ottoman Divan Bed Set

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Looking for a reliable and flexible sleeping solution that doesn’t compromise on comfort and support? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

A zip and link bed is the ultimate adaptable bedframe and mattress, perfect for couples with different sleep preferences, and transforming guest rooms to meet individual needs!

Here at Comfybedss, we stock an impressive range of zip and link beds and other bedroom furniture including headboards and mattresses. As we manufacture everything we sell in-house, we promise exceptional products across our entire offering!

To speak directly with an expert for personalised advice on our range of zip and link bed sets, feel free to email our helpful team at

What Is A Zip and Link Bed?

A zip and link bed is essentially one large bed that can quickly and easily separate into two single beds. The divan bed bases are connected with linking bars, and the two mattresses are joined with a zip - this allows for the easy transformation of one large bed into two smaller beds.

Don't worry about feeling the linking zip as you relax and slumber - the joint between each zip and link mattress is hardly noticeable, meaning you can have an undisturbed and comfortable night's sleep.

The Benefits of Zip Link Beds

Easy Room Transformation

Zip and link beds are extremely flexible - depending on the size you select, they can be changed from a King or Super King size bed into two single beds. This is a highly advantageous feature that makes it simple to transform a double room into a twin room quickly and easily.

The ability to customise sleeping arrangements is the most significant selling point of a link bed. This feature is particularly useful in accommodating guests or adjusting sleeping arrangements based on individual needs.

Flexible Sleeping Requirements

A zip and link mattress and bed is great for couples with different sleep preferences, comfort styles, or body weights, as you can choose two types of mattresses for this bed, each with a different level of firmness, allowing you to experience a better night's sleep.

For example, if you prefer a medium firmness and your partner favours a firmer comfort rating, you could opt for the pressure-relieving Apollo Taurus 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress, whereas your partner can select the firmer Apollo Korinthian 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress.


Many zip and link beds have divan bases, meaning they have under-bed drawers for storage, helping to save space in your bedroom.

We have a wide range of drawer storage options to select from, including:

- Two side drawers

- Two end drawers

- Four drawers on either side

- Two side drawers

- Two smaller side drawers

Easy Transportation

As link mattresses and beds can be separated into single beds, they're much easier to transport and move around than a larger double bed. This is especially useful in buildings where stairways or doorways are tight, and there's little space for manoeuvring.

Are They Comfortable?

Our zip and link beds are manufactured using the finest quality materials and are engineered to offer outstanding support and comfort.

A zip and link divan bed base from us is crafted using super sturdy white wood timber, which provides strength, durability and additional support for the mattress.

What's more, each base top is covered in an anti-slip fabric to ensure the mattress remains securely in place.

Choose Between Our Extensive Range Of Zip And Link Mattresses

We offer many different types of link mattresses to suit individual comfort preferences, requirements and varying budgets - from the more affordable open coil models to luxurious pocket sprung intelligent memory mattresses, there's a zip and link mattress for everyone.

View our zip link mattress collection here.

Our Product Range

Here at ComfyBedss, our zip and link bed sets are available in the following sizes:

- 5' king size X 6'3" length

- 5' king size X 6'6" length

- 6' super king size X 6'3" length

- 6' super king size X 6'6" length

Our zip and link divan bed bases come with easy-to-assemble linking bars and feet and are available in a wide range of colour fabric options; swatches are available upon request.

Headboards are available to order separately – we advise buying two separate headboards as a one-piece headboard should only be purchased if you do not intend to separate the beds.

Please note: our standard-size divan beds do not have zips to link them together.

Speak with a Comfybedss team member today

Here at Comfybedss, our dedicated team are on hand to assist with any queries you may have - to get in touch, feel free to email your enquiry to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Assembling zip and link beds is remarkably straightforward, making them a convenient choice for a variety of living arrangements.

When setting up, simply place the divan beds and mattresses side by side and use the linking bars and secure zipping mechanism to connect them. This seamless process ensures that the beds stay in place and create a unified sleeping surface.

Whether you're furnishing a guest room or a shared bedroom, the simplicity of assembling zip and link beds eliminates the hassle associated with traditional bed setup. Additionally, their convenient design allows for easy transportation and manoeuvring through tight spaces, such as staircases or narrow hallways.

Interested in hearing more about our range of zip and link beds and mattresses? Don't hesitate to email our helpful team at for more information.

Yes, you can use two different mattresses with a zip and link bed if you desire a flexible sleeping arrangement - zip and link beds are designed for versatility and customisation, making them a popular choice for couples with varying sleeping preferences.

The key feature of a zip and link bed is its ability to connect two separate mattresses to create a larger bed. This means you can use a different zip and link mattress on each side of the bed, as long as they feature a zip mechanism.

For example, one side can have a firmer mattress, while the other side can have a softer one - this personalisation allows both sleepers to enjoy their preferred level of comfort.

Need more advice when selecting your next zip and link mattresses or bed bases? Don't hesitate to get in touch on 0333 533 0300 and we'll be happy to help.

Zip and link beds, also known as zip and lock beds work by combining two separate mattresses. This means the room they're located in can be used as both a double room, linking the two beds together, and a twin room, separating both beds, depending on the situation.

The key feature of zip and link beds is a durable and hidden zipper along the length of the mattress. When you want to create a larger bed, you simply unzip the cover and connect the two mattresses by zipping them up. This creates a seamless sleeping surface with no gap in the middle.

Attaching and detaching the mattresses is a straightforward process, making it easy to adapt the bed to your changing needs. Whether you want a king or super king sized bed, or two separate twin beds, zip and link beds provide the flexibility to accommodate your preferences.

To speak with a professional about your zip and link bed needs, why not email us at and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Of course! You can still have a back and head support with zip and link beds, however, you will need two separate headboards for when the beds are separated. This differs from standard divan bed bases that only require a one-piece headboard.

We stock a wide range of luxurious headboards for zip and link beds, upholstered in various fabrics and styles including eye-catching glitz fabrics and subtle chenille.

For help and guidance in selecting the ideal headboards for your link beds, our team would be more than happy to help - just send an email with your enquiry to