Side Lift Ottoman Beds

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Ottoman Storage Side Lift Divan Bed Base

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Premium Side Lift Ottoman Storage Divan Bed Base

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Amongst our extensive collection of ottoman beds is our range of side lift ottoman beds, perfect for shorter bedrooms and guestrooms.

Store to your heart’s content with spacious built-in storage that can be accessed smoothly whenever you need – hide away spare duvets, clean linen, and your seasonal clothes until they’re needed again.

By offering a beautiful selection of side lift ottomans, we’re ensuring that there’s a bed for any space that could benefit from increased and easy-to-use under-bed storage.

Store in shorter spaces with a side lift ottoman bed

Side lift ottoman beds are superb for rooms that aren’t very long but have plenty of space on either side of the bed. By opening from the side rather than the end, you can lift the mattress platform safely without it catching on door frames, wardrobes, or walls, which could scuff as a result.

We manufacture side lift ottoman beds that raise from either the left or right, meaning there’s an option that works for every room shape.

For guestrooms, our single ottoman bed side lift models are an exceptional choice as they comfortably slot into more compact areas, fitting like a glove.

Select a side lift ottoman bed for effortless storage access

Accessing the built-in hollow under-bed storage area from the side has never been easier with our easy grip handle and exceptionally sturdy 600N gas lift pistons - storing is efficient and simple as the top platform is kept securely in position when extended, preventing accidents and straining.

Customise your next side opening ottoman bed

Here at Comfybedss, we’ll build your side lift ottoman bed to meet the specifications you choose – in other words, every bed is made to order!

First, choose between six bespoke sizes:

- Small single 2’6

- Single 3’0

- Small double 4’0

- Double 4’6

- King 5’0

- Superking 6’0

Then, browse our stunning array of upholstered fabrics and colours and opt for the one that best suits your aesthetic.

For modern decors, we have a wonderful selection of glitz velvets to really add some flare and liven up your space. Whether you prefer a luscious red or trendy silver, we have the perfect shade to complete your modern look.

Or, if you want something a little more classic, browse through our range of premium quality chenille materials - we highly recommend oatmeal chenille if subtle and neutral is what you desire.

Your new bed should be with you in as little as 3-11 working days!

Speak with our helpful team

Are you looking for your next bed and want it to last for many years to come? Do you desire to make the most of your storage space? If so, one of our incredibly robust side lift ottoman models could be the most fitting bed for you.

At Comfybedss, our dedicated craftsmen use their expertise and high-quality materials to produce the most durable beds that are extremely sturdy and look great in your home.

For more guidance or if you have a question regarding delivery, feel free to call us directly on 0333 533 0300 and we’ll be happy to help.