What are zip and link beds?

November 20 2023 – Hasan Ul-haq

What are zip and link beds?
What are zip and link beds?

 If you’ve been shopping around for a new bed frame, you’ve likely come across zip and link beds – these models are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason!

But what are zip and link beds, and what benefits can they bring to your sleep space?

Keep reading to find out!


What is a zip and link bedframe?

A zip and link bed consists of two single beds and mattresses that effortlessly join together to create a larger bed. This isn’t just a case of pushing any old two beds together, though – zip and link beds are fixed together securely through sturdy metal links at the foot of each bed frame to stop them from separating.

Then, the separate zip and link mattresses are seamlessly fastened together with an easy-to-use zip fastener between each mattress. To ensure the bed looks great, and that solo sleepers and couples alike enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed night’s sleep, the joint between the two mattresses is barely noticeable.

Typically, you can purchase zip and link beds in two sizes: king size and super king size. King size link beds are slightly more affordable and fantastic for a range of rooms, including the master bedroom and guestrooms.

Super king zip and link bed frames offer even more freedom for sleepers to wriggle and turn through the night and make for eye-catching centrepieces in spacious bedrooms.


What are the benefits of a zip and link bed?

Zip and link bed frames are the most versatile models on the market and come with a whole host of superb advantages, from versatility to easy logistics.


Individual sleep support for couples

Naturally, mattress comfort preferences differ from person to person for various reasons. Luckily, zip and link beds consist of two separate mattresses, so partners can opt for a model that best suits them.

For example, one sleeper may opt for a medium support grade mattress that offers support without feeling too firm. Whereas the other could prefer a firm grade that offers unparalleled levels of back support.

What’s more, ‘roll together’ is avoided with two mattresses – an issue that arises in standard mattresses where one partner moves in their sleep, causing the other to roll into the middle of the bed, disturbing their sleep.


Offers a versatile sleeping arrangement

Zip and link mattresses and beds are highly versatile, enabling you to offer different room arrangements in your home. This is great for when friends and relatives come to stay, as you can turn your guest room into a twin room for two separate sleepers, and a double for couples.

Thanks to the simplicity of zip and link coupling, you can arrange your room in a matter of minutes!


Easy delivery and installation

As link beds are made up of two bedframes, delivery into any home is likely to be a breeze.

Getting bulky furniture through tighter door frames in small new builds and flats can often pose an issue, even for flat-pack beds.

With two single beds, the process is much smoother thanks to their smaller dimensions, meaning delivery teams can easily rotate each to fit through door frames without scuffing them.

Additionally, this is advantageous if you wish to move the beds into another room down the line.


Is a zip and link frame best for me?

Ultimately, due to their flexibility, zip and link beds are a superb option for couples and guest rooms. However, as they’re typically king sized or above, these beds are only suitable for more spacious bedrooms.

Additionally, they also tend to be a little more expensive, so be sure to consider your budget when choosing your next bed frame.

But not to worry – here at Comfybedss, we’re experienced retailers and manufacturers of affordable yet premium quality zip and link beds.


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